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5 reasons to live in Puerto Morelos

5 reasons to live in Puerto Morelos

Sofia’s life has been changing. By making the decision to invest in Puerto Morelos, she has discovered that there are endless opportunities for growth and an incredible world of experiences waiting for her in her new destination…


If we talk about charming destinations, Puerto Morelos is in first place. This beautiful city, located in Quintana Roo, is authentic and warm. The lifestyle in Puerto Morelos invites you to explore its beauty and create new memories every day.

Visiting this destination is great, but staying is amazing. Living in Puerto Morelos has incredible benefits for your financial and personal development. In this blog we want to share with you 5 reasons to choose this destination as your next home.

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  • Location

Without a doubt, Puerto Morelos has the best location in the Riviera Maya. It is a reality that by choosing this destination, you are choosing to create new stories, so you can visit these incredible places whenever you want!

  • Cancun – 40 minutes
  • Playa del Carmen – 40 minutes
  • Tulum – 1 hour 20 minutes
  • Cenotes Route – 10 minutes
  • Theme Parks – 20 minutes

Ideal for travelers, Cancun International Airport is only 25 minutes away. And as if that weren’t enough, Puerto Morelos also has a Tren Maya train station to get to your favorite destination faster!

  • Proximity to the beach

One of the greatest benefits of Puerto Morelos is its distance from the beach. It has been proven that living by the sea gives us an unmatched peace. A beach destination reduces stress and helps to improve our mood every day.

As a coastal city, Puerto Morelos enjoys fresh air and sunshine during the day. This natural light allows our bodies to produce vitamin D, excellent for preventing infections and reducing cardiovascular risk.

  • Destination for adventure

Did you know that Puerto Morelos has been awarded as the best adventure destination for 5 years? Yes! That’s why we always encourage you to create new stories. Puerto Morelos allows you to enjoy its incredible environment through outdoor activities.

In this section, we want to highlight the beach of Puerto Morelos. Its Sol Beach has the Blue Flag certification, awarded to beaches with excellent environmental management and inclusive spaces.

Do you love underwater life? The Puerto Morelos Reef National Park is the perfect place to dive. As the second-largest barrier reef in the world, it has an impressive biodiversity of plants and animals unique to the region.

As we mentioned, the Cenotes Route is a few minutes away. Explore these mythical bodies of water and connect with nature. Within the areas with cenotes, you will find more activities such as zip lines and excursions.

  • Multicultural community

The community of Puerto Morelos is unique and special. With a national and international population, the destination has activities that invite all to join. The main square is a great place to gather in the evenings to chat or enjoy a delicious ice cream.

Thanks to its community, Puerto Morelos is perfect for foodies. Seafood, vegetarian and vegan specialties, and of course, Mexican food… There is a great variety to choose from!

And if you just want a moment of peace, visit the boardwalk or enjoy the beach, take your time and relax!

  • New investments

Puerto Morelos never ceases to surprise us. World-class investments are turning to see this destination more and more, and why not, if it is perfect for growing!

The renovations in the infrastructure of the destination are constant and notorious. We can’t leave behind the new resorts and the Grand Outlet Riviera Maya, for your next shopping trip.

Of course, the new Tren Maya train station falls into this category. Trips and transfers to other destinations will allow visitors and users to travel easily and quickly.

In conclusion, Puerto Morelos offers unique living experiences. With its relaxed atmosphere and constant growth, it is a fantastic city to invest in. Whether it’s an Airbnb-friendly apartment or an estate property, Puerto Morelos is an excellent idea.

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