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5 health benefits of living on the beach

5 health benefits of living on the beach

Imagine your retirement with the perfect company, in a destination without the noise and stress…The beach is a gift of nature that we are privileged to enjoy. Many dream of visiting it, and others have the opportunity to live near it and make the most of it…

In past blogs, we have shared with you the advantages of investing in Puerto Morelos and other destinations in the Riviera Maya. And the fact is, betting on an investment in the Mexican Caribbean, is to ensure a full future. Ideal location, secure ROI, and more, your property was an excellent choice! The proximity to the sea is an important factor when investing in these destinations. Everyone wants to have the ease of enjoying a special day and creating new memories….

However, there is something we haven’t mentioned… Living near the ocean has incredible medical benefits. In this blog, we will share with you 5 incredible benefits of living by the beach for your health.

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Reduces anxiety and depression levels

It has been demonstrated that transportation in a crowded city causes high stress in its inhabitants. This is due to the time people spend in traffic, the amount of people and the noise of the city. Living in the Mexican Caribbean, you will find that getting to work or to your favorite destinations will take you an estimated 10 to 30 minutes, of course! If you want to leave your city, it will be longer distances, but with much more controlled traffic.


Regulates blood pressure

Choosing a destination at sea level is ideal for patients that suffer from hypertension. Our blood vessels have less resistance at this altitude. This means less cardiac work and helps blood flow more easily.

Improved breathing

Fewer vehicles, fewer buildings and green spaces are the perfect formula for cleaner air. Breathing sea breezes provides unparalleled comfort, helping to decongest and eliminate toxins.

Active outdoor lifestyle

A fitness lifestyle is amazing… but a fitness lifestyle near the sea is even better. Just imagine running, cycling, yoga, with a spectacular view, sounds great, doesn’t it? This is instant motivation to follow your goals and continue with better habits for your future.


Better mood

Living in the Mexican Caribbean is like living in summer all year round. Despite the heat, a destination with a sea breeze is a natural stress reliever because it lowers cortisol levels. By decreasing the famous stress hormone, your body will find itself with a better quality of sleep.

As you can see, investing minutes away from the sea will help you improve your quality of life. We present Vanguardia Residences, a unique project to invest in Puerto Morelos, with a privileged location minutes away from the sea and the Cancun International Airport. If what you want is a destination to discover, you have to check out Ku Mahahual. These residential lots are surrounded by nature, 5 minutes from the beach of Mahahual.

All plots are priced according to location and size from $1.5 MDP.